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Steps to Take to Make Laundry Duty Fun

Laundry duty is one of the most dreaded duties in a house. It is hard to find someone who loves carrying out all the steps that go into sorting, searching through the laundry, and carrying it to the machines. When they are clean, there shall be the duty of carrying it all back up for allocation to each room. Luckily, there are things that can be done to make it easier for all concerned.

The first thing to do is changing how the laundry room looks. You can stock up on the right supplies to make washing a less burdensome activity. You should have more than one machine for those times when there is a lot of duty laundry. You can also institute a sorting system for when you are collecting laundry from each room. You need to have a proper storage place for all the powders, gels, and pastes necessary for washing. Keeping them neat and well organized makes work easy. A drying rack is a necessary inclusion in the laundry room since it might rain, or you might have items that cannot be dried in the machines. When you have such order in place, the disorganization that puts you off form doing laundry shall be done away with.

There is also the inclusion of sweet-smelling detergents. We can all look forward to fresh and sweet smelling laundry. You achieve this through the scents you add to the wash. You have a wide range to pick from while shopping. You have to consult the family members on which scents they prefer on their clothes and linen. You can also go for the scented fabric softener that people like. They usually, go for affordable rates. You can use a coupon, or get them when they go on sale. If you are into natural scents, you can choose the organic way, and use items such as lemon and tea tree. You will also access their antibacterial properties while doing so. They are especially recommended for those times when the wash is with cold water.
You also have the crate system to make part of the laundry process. This helps in keeping the laundry duty time short. You get to sort through the laundry, while keeping the working time minimal. This keeps everything in the utility room ready for handling when the time comes. Once you have finished laundering them; each person can come for their loads. This is how you do away with the need to go to each person’s room delivering their laundry. They shall simply come down and pick what belongs to them. This step also instills a sense of responsibility to young ones in the family.